Mk23 SOCOM Handgun [VRCHAT/SDK3]

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The VRChat MK23 SOCOM has all the satisfying functionality of a weapon in other VR games!

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Looking for a deadly fidget toy? Maybe a gun that properly functions like in other VR games? Harasho... good!

Reload it, chamber it, manually engage and disengage the slide catch, enjoy its satisfying tilting action, watch the magazine slide in and out of its well, all of this works dynamically with Durrvish's VRChat MK23 SOCOM.

With a functioning slide catch, watch the released mag slide in and out of the well. The weapon is also fully ambidextrous, use whichever hand you like! A suppressor also comes with the gun, changing the audio to match!

The trigger and hammer pull back dynamically through squeezing the trigger of your index controller (Not dynamically otherwise). A working decocker and functional safety are also included! The laser dot from the LAM reactively aligns to surfaces too.

The flashlight uses a custom shader that mimics how a volumetric light flares, polluting the air realistically!

There's also an infinite ammo mode that ends upon ejecting the magazine!


  • Fully functioning ammo system!
  • Reloading action with gravity obeying magazine sliding
  • Dynamic trigger and hammer pull (Index controller)
  • Double and single action
  • Simple contact unholstering
  • Working grabbable Slide you and your friends can pull
  • Manually engageable Slide Catch
  • Satisfying tilting action
  • Gun can be toggled off if you don't want it on!
  • Realistic Safety switch
  • Properly functioning Decocking lever
  • Ambidextrous (Works for both hands)
  • Laser Assisted Module (LAM) Attachment
  • Suppressor Attachment
  • Custom Flashlight Shader shines through animated dust in the air with a slight lens flare effect!
  • Laser aligns to walls properly with a slight flare effect if looked at dead on, mimicking a real laser!
  • Custom Foley and audio
  • Dynamic light up sights for ammo count or weapon state
  • Infinite Ammo mode!
  • Built in instructions with pictures!
  • Custom icons for Gesture menus!
  • Highly Optimized!
  • Uses 21 synced bools and just 1 synced integer!
  • Uses only 5 animator layers!
  • Optimized FBX models
  • Easy to follow installation guides for both VRCfury and manual installation
  • 17153 TrisPoor rating but not Very poor
  • 24 materials (This is higher due to how particle systems work but is still indeed optimized
  • 1 dynamic light for the flash light
  • Write Defaults on OR off depending on what you require. Package contains two different FX controllers, you will only need one that corresponds to your avatar's WD settings (Mixing write defaults may lead to odd unintended behaviors)


Poiyomi Version 8.1.163 or newer

If manual installation:

Avatars 3.0 manager

If ease of use installation:


(All of these are free!)


Durrvish's Discord Server!

Durrvish's Twitter!

Discord username: Durrvish


  • By purchasing this product, you agree to NOT distribute the files to individuals who haven't bought their own copy of this item.
  • I must say this profusely, this item DOESN'T WORK ON QUEST, do not purchase this if you intend on uploading this to the Quest version. This is your warning.
  • Commissioning/take commissions for putting this asset onto an avatar is allowed.
  • Uploading this item to public avatars is encouraged, but do not directly share the files. You must keep the credits page on unless the avatar is a private upload.
  • I abstain from responsibility of your avatar breaking if you import the asset wrong. it is instructed and advised to backup your avatar before installation. This is your job.
  • The item is exclusively PERSONAL USE ONLY. you cannot use it commercially. If found to be using my asset commercially, you will be required to pay back a percentage of your sales for the illegal redistribution of my work. It being just an accident is not an acceptable excuse to my lawyer.


Durrvish -- Logic, animations, custom volumetric shaders, audio foley, meat and potatoes

Garkain -- MK23 SOCOM PBR VR Model

OSCmooth -- OSCmooth's GitHub

超兵器工房 -- VRC用 『メカ弾エフェクト』

Alber -- Hyenid VRChat Avatar

Massive Thanks:
Projekt Twilight -- Assistance with their real Mark 23

VRLabs Discord server -- The individuals in this server have been wonderfully helpful and the help and effort from people like JustSleightly, jellejurre, lindesu, hfcRed, and many others has been so invaluable in helping me understand unity and overcoming issues I ran across.

XevianLight -- Helping me understand shader math and various other tasks that were incredibly important.

Unity -- For being so kind to help me learn more about creating assets in the first place.

Liindy -- For being absolutely more than polite with inane questions and help overall throughout making this silly gun.

Zekk -- Plenty of help getting me to understand some of amplify and a lot of help with me putting together a shader for the LAM Flashlight and laser.

FoxScot -- One of my oldest friends, thank you for the help with photography so much.

Cobalt -- For pointing me in the right direction of oscmooth!

Yes, I am aware that I added a custom engraving. Yes, I am aware that engravings give no tactical advantage whatsoever.

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NO REFUNDS, I apologize for this, but there's a lot of people that would take more advantage of this dishonestly. If you genuinely feel you need a refund, contact me on my discord and we can discuss this.

But if you didn't read something on here, that is unfortunately something you need to do in the first place.

Last updated Jul 7, 2023


Fully functioning dynamic gun for vrchat
Superbly easy installation guides
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Mk23 SOCOM Handgun [VRCHAT/SDK3]

145 ratings
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